School Board

Mission: St. Mary School Board, as disciples of Jesus Christ, collaborates with the pastor and school principal to plan, advise, and promote an environment of faith, education, and moral values for the children of St. Mary School. We accomplish our mission through strategic planning, evaluating and developing policies, offering financial advice, and promoting the benefits of Catholic education.

School Board 2021-2022

Principal – Michele Alday-Engelman

President – Lucas Kibbon

Vice President – Rich Aichele

Secretary – Lauren Upton

Social Media and Communications – Cailin Valente

School Engagement – Bridget Schreiber

Finance/Empower Illinois – Bob Wade

Open House/Marketing – John McCarthy

Parish Engagement – Patrick Fulton

School Advancement – Lauren Pammer

PTC Representative – Vicki Peppin

Athletics Representative – Rob Dauphinais